Digital Campaigns

Spicerack work with global brands and their media agencies to produce stunning online display campaigns, social formats and DOOH.

How We Do IT

We specialise in the quality and refinement that premium brands demand. Traditional design expertise is at the heart of our work, underpinned by the latest advances in ad-tech.

Although happy to conceive campaigns from scratch, we’re equally confident in co-creation with brands and their lead agencies, adding interactivity and engagement whilst staying true to the wider strategy and design.



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We don’t believe in standard display

We build formats to look exceptional across all online platforms. We relish the challenge of restrictive media, because it enables us to utilise our extensive heritage in an evolving space.

We’ve devised and produced bespoke campaigns for global brands that push the boundaries and stretch the possibilities. We work with media agencies and media owners to make the ordinary extraordinary.



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What does DCO even mean?

DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) campaigns use data and specific rules to generate up to millions of creative outcomes in real time.

Rooted by a traditional creative mindset, we use a combination of Creative management platforms (CMPs) and our own in-house magic to build cutting-edge dynamic campaigns. Our creative resonates with its audiences, adapting to specifics such as the type of device, ad placement, location, time, and even the weather.



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Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram

Channels such as these are an opportunity for brands to build consumer engagement, and communicate with their huge followings.

Always on top of the latest ‘rising stars’ in social media, we create an ever-increasing scope of content, including infographics, ad formats and video content for all major social platforms.



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Cross-device digital video creative

So often devised with traditional widescreen vision.

Since the explosion of digital screens out-of-home, we have been breathing new life into TVC creative, re-engineering it for bespoke landscape, portrait and multi-screen formats in OOH environments including malls, shops, underground stations and taxis.

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